Full Service Boatyard of Choice - Port Whangarei, New Zealand

The Port Whangarei Marine Centre is a full service boatyard for refit and repairs located at South Shipyard in the Port of Whangarei, New Zealand.

Port Whangarei offers a highly efficient haulout service by way of it’s dual travel lifts and outstanding onshore facilities. A wide range of vessels are catered for:

  • Any type of vessel
  • Smaller vessels up to 100 tonnes displacement
  • Larger Vessels up to 560 tonnes displacement (new larger machine currently being installed)
  • All tide access for most craft
  • Beam up to 13.5 metres
  • Superyacht or cruising yachtie you are welcome
  • Multihull and catamaran specialists
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Latest News

NZ Borders Opening – Looking Forward to Return of International Clients

The Port Whangarei Marine Centre has been closed off to International Clients for two years as a result of COVID-19 Maritime Border closures here in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific. However, all that is now changing and international yachts will be able to entre New Zealand ports and those of it’s Pacific neighbours. It […]

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