Port Whangarei Marine Service Centre to be Developed at South Shipyard

Port Whangarei Limited (PWL), one of the Oceania Marine group of companies, is set to occupy a significant part of South Shipyard located at 340 Port Road, Port Whangarei, New Zealand. South Shipyard is a large site with extensive sealed hardstand, refit sheds, workshops and deep water access. PWL will share the site with Oceania Marine, sister company Energy Vessels Offshore Limited (see press release) and other tenants.

Port Whangarei Marine Service Centre - South Shipyard

Port Whangarei Marine Service Centre – South Shipyard

South Shipyard was originally set up for large scale marine fabrication in steel and aluminium. However, once BAE Systems completed its projects for the New Zealand Navy the Shipyard was sold to developers. Oceania Marine secured the property on 1st January 2013 and PWL’s Marine Service Centre is a key part of the strategy to develop the site. Current activity at the shipyard ranges from general engineering, small aluminium boat manufacture, and the construction of a 52 metre vehicle/passenger ferry.

The Marine Service Centre will cater for vessels typically in the 10 to 18 metre range. Larger vessels will continue to be serviced by Oceania Marine both at North Shipyard, located nearby, and at South Shipyard.

Whangarei has been a service centre for both the domestic and international cruising yachting fraternity for very many years. The Marine Service Centre at South Shipyard aims to enhance and expand the facilities and services available to that market. Efficient haulout, top quality hardstand, live aboard facilities, refit, repair and storage will be combined with an ‘open yard’ policy that enables the vessel owner to choose who they contract to do work. All the main trades are conveniently located at the shipyard but an owner may decide to choose an independent contractor located elsewhere.

PWL plans to be up and running in 2015. Tariffs and terms will be published shortly.