Port Whangarei Business Hub – Terms & Rules


This code provides guidance and rules for all members using the Business Hub.

The Business Hub

The Business Hub is a private business facility of Oceania Marine and its associated companies at the Port Whangarei Marine (PWMC) Centre. Access to the Business Hub is provided free of charge to members subject to the terms of this Code and Site Operating Rules. It will enable members to meet with clients and conduct their business supported by a comfortable modern co-working environment.


The Business Hub is for use of Marine related businesses and their bona fide guests who have registered and been accepted by PWMC as members. Membership may be revoked by PWMC at any time and without providing reasons. Membership does not grant the member any property or occupation rights and exists at the will of PWMC.

General Conduct

  • Members will respect the privacy of other members and conduct their affairs within the Business hub in an ethical and professional manner (“What happens in the Business Hub stays in the Business Hub”)
  • Members must endeavour as much as reasonably possible to avoid disruptive and loud behaviour that would interfere with other members
  • Dress code will be Casual Business minimum
  • Members are expected to be careful and respectful in their use of shared resources and utilities making good any physical damage they may cause by their actions to property, fixtures and fittings
  • No Member may advertise or have any identifying signs or notices that are inscribed, painted or affixed to any part of the Business Hub
  • Whilst the Business Hub will be regularly cleaned, Members are expected to keep the Business Centre clean and tidy at all times
  • First in and last out must follow unlock and lock-up procedures
  • Open plan spaces are available on demand but short term office space and meeting rooms must be booked through the booking system.
  • The Business Hub is available free of charge to members but any other costs incurred by PWMC in meeting Members requests will be charged
  • All Members must complete site induction and follow the site rules
  • Members are responsible for guest’s compliance with these and site rules

Operating Arrangements

In addition to these terms PWMC will communicate to members operating arrangements which may change from time to time. Matters such as copying, internet access, Zoom meeting facilities and all other office support arrangements are available by arrangement with PWMC.

PWMC reserves the right to make other rules and regulations from time to time in order to promote a good co-working environment amongst the members.


Members waive all liability against PWMC for any damage, harm or consequential loss incurred whilst using the Business Hub that may be caused by disruption or unavailability of services or any other matter.