NZ Borders Opening – Looking Forward to Return of International Clients

The Port Whangarei Marine Centre has been closed off to International Clients for two years as a result of COVID-19 Maritime Border closures here in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific. However, all that is now changing and international yachts will be able to entre New Zealand ports and those of it’s Pacific neighbours. It also means the number of overseas clients can return to their yachts in long term storage at the Marine Centre now that border restrictions have eased.

Undercover Re-paint at Port Whangarei Marine Centre, New Zealand

Line-up of Cruising Yachts at Port Whangarei Marine Centre, New Zealand

A number of yachts have had to ‘stay put’ in the Pacific whilst the pandemic restrictions were in place and they are about to be joined by a new influx of vessels arriving from the northern hemisphere. Accordingly, the Marine Centre stands ready to receive yachts for their maintenance and refit needs. A new 560T travel lift is to join the existing 100T one, which together with the skilled workforce and extensive facilities makes Port Whangarei an attractive stopping off point for International vessels. The Marine Centre is looking forward to welcoming the return of International Clients. Contact to arrange haulout.