TRAVEL LIFTS – Port Whangarei Marine Centre, New Zealand


Haulout  –  Hardstand  –  Storage  –  Refit  –  Repairs  –  Maintenance

MBH 100 Travel Lift:

The Marine Centre’s new 100 tonne travel lift is physically the largest travel lift currently operating in New Zealand. It is capable of handling a wide range of vessels and can offer haulout as follows:

  • Vessel displacement to 100 Tonnes (Link For Larger Vessels)
  • Maximum beam 10 metres
  • Monohull or Multihull
  • Sail or motor vessels
  • All tide access
  • Wash down pad
  • Travel lift access to extensive hardstand or refit sheds


MBH 560 Travel Lift:

A new 560 tonne travel lift is expected to be installed and operational by November 2018. This will considerably expand the size and scope of vessels accommodated at South Shipyard.

Port Whangarei Marine Centre's New 100T Travelift in action

Port Whangarei Marine Centre’s New Cimolai MBH100 Travel Lift in action